Dopamine Detox: My Experience & Results After 2 Years

Are you addicted to dopamine? Things like your phone, porn, and gaming can give you an instant dopamine hit, but this can lead to unwanted outcomes. This is how a dopamine detox can change your life for the better. If you enjoyed this video, Subscribe Here For More πŸ‘‰

How To Reset Your Mind: Dopamine Detox β–Ί
How To Overcome Video Game Addiction β–Ί
Dopamine Nation β–Ί
The Molecule Of More β–Ί
Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow β–Ί
Your Brain On Porn β–Ί

00:00 Introduction
01:55 What is dopamine?
05:29 Dopamine deficit
11:00 Things I removed from my life
16:49 Results I’ve experienced from dopamine detox
19:48 The most challenging thing I’ve done
21:12 Resources to help


I’ve struggled with dopamine addictions throughout my life, from being addicted to video games to binge eating to watching hours of porn per day. I didn’t realize what all of this was doing to my brain and life experience until I started to learn more about the downfalls of dopamine and make changes to my habits.

In this video, I share how I’ve overcome my addictions through a dopamine detox and my experience and results after 2 years of doing this. If you’re not achieving the success or happiness you want from life, you might need a dopamine detox to regain mental clarity and focus.

Share your experience below, it’s always great to connect and hear from a like-minded community. Have you done a dopamine detox? What was your experience? Are you thinking about doing one for the first time? We’re here to support you!



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