How To Start An Online Business | Choosing a Niche

How to Start an Online Business

If you want to start an online business you’ll have probably have done a little research as to how you go about it. (If you haven’t you should seriously consider it.)

So by now, you will have seen lots of advice and comments on how it’s relatively easy to start an online business. And you know what, it’s quite true as long as you have a basic understanding of how online stuff sort of works. Even for the completely uninitiated, there’s loads of online help with even the basic stuff, (some of which you’ll find elsewhere on this site πŸ™‚Β  Β )

The real question is how to make it successful? What are the different ways in which an online business can become successful? There are so many questions that keep popping up when we talk about starting and being successful in an online business.

Some of the questions that come to mind are:

  • What are the different types of online businesses?
  • What do you need to start an online business?
  • Is it really difficult to start an online business?
  • Can anyone start an online business?
  • How can you be successful in it?

Starting an online business is like starting any other type of business. It requires hard work and dedication.
The main difference is that while starting a traditional brick and mortar store requires a lot of capital (money), this is not true when starting an online business. Sure, you’ll need some money, but it can be done with only small amounts, or even for free if you’re prepared to work at it.Β 

If you want to start an online business, in effect, all you need is a computer and internet connection. You don’t even have to buy or rent a place for your online store as there are plenty of free options available.
You can sell stuff on eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc or create your own e-commerce website at Shopify or BigCommerce.
You can also sell digital products such as eBooks, MP3s etc through platforms such as Clickbank or JVZ. Easy eh?

Well yes & no I guess.Β 

Choosing a Niche to start an online business

Choosing a niche is arguably the most important step in starting any online business. One of the great things about having an online business is that you can potentially make a lot of money, passively, once you have put in the hard work and time.

In my opinion, choosing a niche for your online business should be something that you are passionate about and/or have knowledge about.

You will put in a lot of work in to your online business, so ideally it needs to be something that you enjoy. Of course, you will also need to know what you are talking about so that you can write content on your site that helps other people.

Keep it simple

When starting out with an online business, it is best to keep things as simple as possible and focus on one main topic rather than trying to cover everything at once. Once your first website becomes successful, you can then repeat the process for other niches.

I’ve often seen people choose their niche for online business based on what they think is popular. The problem with that is that you could be looking at outdated data.

If you want to build a profitable business, you need to determine what people are willing to spend their money on right now.

There are lots of ways you can do this including:

  • Using Google Trends to see if there’s been an increase in interest in your product idea.
  • Looking at Google Search volume to see how many times a keyword phrase has been searched over time.
  • Using Bing Ads Intelligence to see how much advertisers are paying for search terms related to your niche.

So with all of that in mind, the video in this article features John Crestani taking us through the ins and outs of How to Start an Online Business, as well as selecting a niche to help you towards success.Β 
I hope that you find it both useful and interesting and helps to set you on the way to starting your online business.

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