Make Money From Crypto Going Down

How to make money from crypto going down.

If you want to learn about crypto bots, and how to make money from crypto even when its value is falling, then Dan Hollings is your man.

Follow this training and learn how it’s possible to make money with Crypto Bots even when the value of a crypto currency is going down. 


00:00 Introduction to Dan
06:27 How grid trading works
09:04 What would you say to someone on the fence about investing in crypto?
16:10 How much do you need to get started?
18:40 Can I do this where I live?
20:40 How do the fees work?
23:05 How do the taxes work?
24:30 HODL bots
30:12 The Plan Community
35:12 How to sign up for The Plan
36:01 Why did you decide to teach this?


This video features Stefan James in an interview with Dan Hollings. 

He has been responsible for introducing many people to the world of crypto bots.

See him talk about his tried and tested methods of how to profit from crypto by setting up crypto bots. Taking this learning forward could help to fast-track your understanding and success if you’re looking to build your crypto business.

If you’re serious about this new passive income stream method using cryptocurrency, then you need to hear what Dan has to say.

After originally losing money by buying cryptocurrency, Dan wanted to find a safe way to make money that involves less risk.
After years of figuring this out, he’s now cracked the ‘crypto code’.
Watch this interview and find out how to profit from crypto going down!

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